Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41-44) Feb 7, 2019

                                                          Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem

Luke 19:41-44

            I. He Saw the City (vs. 41)

a. What reasons was Jesus coming to Jerusalem? _____________________________________________



b. What activities immediately precede this passage? __________________________________________



c. Where did Jesus prepare for His triumphal entry and is it likely He was still there as this event unfolds?

(vs. 37) ______________________________________________________________________________


d. What does Jesus do as He looks over the city? _____________________________________________



II. If You had Known… (vs. 42)


a. As Jesus looks over the city and remarks, “if you had known…” Is there a way they should have known? ______________________________________________________________________________________



b. From memory can you think of any people in the Scriptures that did know? ______________________



c. Jesus had referred to His passion, crucifixion, and resurrection as “His hour” …but here calls it “in this

your day.” In what way was it their day? ____________________________________________________


d. What was required to make for their peace? ________________________________________________



e. Why could they not comprehend? _________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

III. You Did Not Know the Time of Your Visitation (vs. 43-44)

            a. Considering the people were just cheering the arrival of their King (vs. 38) contrast what they were

            expecting with what Jesus states is about to happen? ___________________________________________


            b. Jesus does not specify here who would lay siege and destroy Jerusalem but in 70 AD who does destroy

            Jerusalem? _____________________________________________________________________________

            c. History records the extent of Jerusalem’s destruction and Jesus words were prophetic in that they leveled

            the city. Is this a minor detail? _______________________________________________________________

            d. What does Jesus mean by “the time of your visitation?” _________________________________________


            IV. Application: If Jerusalem had understood Jesus was the Messiah would it have changed the need for

            Him to suffer and die? ______________________________________________________________________


___________________       ________________________________________________________________________________________

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