Jesus Sends Out The Twelve Disciples - Luke 9:1-17 * Thurs. 9-14-17


Luke 9:1-17


I.      Sent Out (vs. 1-6)

a. In the past few chapter Jesus demonstrated power over sickness, wind and wave, demons and death.  What does Jesus now do with His disciples?  __________________________________________________


b. In order…what does Jesus send His disciples to do? ________________________________________


c. How were they to prepare for their journey? ______________________________________________


d. Why does the Lord tell them not to take provisions and to stay in the same house they enter? ______________________________________________________________________________


e. What were the disciples to do when the gospel / they were rejected in a town or city and what did this symbolize? ______________________________________________________________________



II.              Herod Perplexed (vs. 7-9)

a. Herod who had John the Baptist beheaded heard about what Jesus was doing.  Who were people telling Herod Jesus was? ________________________________________________________________________


b. Why may all of this have been perplexing to Herod? __________________________________________


c. As a result of what he was hearing what did Herod desire to do? _________________________________



III.            You Give Them Something to Eat… (vs. 10-17)

a.    What did he disciples tell Jesus when they all returned? _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

b. Why would Jesus seek to take the disciples into a deserted place upon their return? _______________________________________________________________________________


c. When the multitudes followed, Jesus had compassion on them.  When the disciples wanted Jesus to send them away what did He tell them to do? _______________________________________________________

d. What was Jesus teaching His disciples and what was the significance of the twelve baskets of leftovers? ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________


IV.  He Application:  How serious was Jesus that His disciples do what He had done? _______________________________________________________ What part are we still supposed to do? ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

  February 2020