Jesus Sends Out The Seventy - Luke 10:1-24 * Thurs. 10-12-17

Jesus Sends Out the Seventy

Luke 10:1-24


I.   The Harvest is Great…The Laborers Are Few (vs. 1-12)

a. Jesus just taught on the cost of true discipleship then after these things He does what? ___________________________________________________________________


b. How does Jesus send the seventy out? ______________________________________

c. What where are they to go? ______________________________________________

d. What are they to take along on their trip? _____________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

e. With whom are they to stay? ______________________________________________


f. Will they be welcome everywhere they go? ____________________________________


II.               The Seventy Return With Joy  (vs. 13-20)

a. Jesus reveals that there would be cities that would not repent / receive His disciples.  He pronounces “woe” on Chorazin and Bethsaida.  While the indication is that Tyre and Sidon did not repent ether what caveat does Jesus pronounce? _______________________________________________________________________  b. Why would it be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment?  ________________________________________________________________________________

c. What is Jesus saying in verse 16? _______________________________________________________


d. What caused the seventy to rejoice when they returned? ______________________________________


e. In setting their priorities right what does Jesus tell them they ought to rejoice over? ________________________________________________________________________________


III.             Jesus Rejoices in the Spirit (vs. 21-24)

a. What is the “mystery” that was revealed in Christ and by Christ (vs. 21-22)? ________________________________________________________________

b. What things did the disciples see (vs. 23) that others had longed to see? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

c. What had the disciples heard (vs. 24) that others longed to hear? _________________



IV.  He Application:  How precious do we account our salvation? _______________________ ____________________________________________________________________                                    Do we esteem our salvation above our vocational / ministerial calling? ___________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Should we?Should we? ____________________________________________________

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