Jesus Raises Jairus" Daughter - Luke 8:40-56 * Thurs. 9-7-17


Luke 8:40-56


I.      Return from the Gadarenes (vs. 40-42)

a. Where was Jesus returning from and to that the multitudes welcomed Him?  _________________________________________________________________________

b. Who was Jairus and what was his need of Jesus? _____________________________________


c. Was Jesus willing to respond to the man’s request? ___________________________________


d. What was one hindering factor along the way? _______________________________________


II.              Who Touched Me? (vs. 34-39)

a. Along the way we are introduced to a woman who was also plagued with a physical need. What are                    we told about her need and what she had done to try to get well? ___________________________


b. On this day in her desperation what did the woman determine…and succeed in doing? __________________________________________________________________________


c. How did Jesus know that ‘she’ had touched Him? ______________________________________


d. What was the disciple’s reaction when Jesus stopped and declared “someone touched Me?” __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

e. The woman confessed who had been healed.  What does Jesus state made the woman well? __________________________________________________________________________


III.            Your Daughter is Dead… (vs. 49-56)

a.    What news comes to Jesus while He is still speaking to the woman who was healed? __________________________________________________________________________

b. What does Jesus tell Jairus in response to the terrible news? ______________________________


c. Who was permitted to accompany Jesus into the room as He goes in to the girl? __________________________________________________________________________

d. When Jesus told the crowd not to weep that the girl only slept what was their response to Him? __________________________________________________________________________

e. When Jesus raised Jairus daughter what did He tell them to do for her? ________________________________ and why might that be? _________________________


IV.  He Application:  In the past several chapters Jesus has declared His power over sickness, the wind and waves,       the demonic forces, and over life and death.  Who has this power? _____________________________________


  February 2020