Jesus is Buried (Luke 23:50-56) May 30, 2019


Luke 23:50-56

I. Joseph of Arimathea (vs. 50-52)

a. What does this passage of Scripture reveal about Joseph? ___________________________________


b. As a member of the council could Joseph possibly suffer retaliation for not consenting to Jesus death? _____________________________________________________________________________________

c. Now that Jesus was dead what does Joseph do? ___________________________________________


d. What may have stopped the disciples themselves from going to Pilate to ask for Jesus body? _____________________________________________________________________________________

e. Who else does John 19:38-39 indicate assisted Joseph and why did they honor Jesus as they do? ____


II. Jesus Prepared for Burial (vs. 53-54)

a. Joseph’s actions (in taking Jesus from the cross and covering Him) what can we surmise about how he

was treating the body of Jesus? ___________________________________________________________

b. What prophecy fulfillment do we see in verse 53 (Isaiah 53:9)? _______________________________


c. Why might is be significant that Jesus was laid in a new tomb where no one else had been buried? ___


d. How much time did Joseph have to prepare the body with the approach of the Sabbath, considering

Jesus was on the cross until at least 3pm (the sixth hour) and sunset would have been a little after 7pm?


e. How does the law (Deuteronomy 21:22-23) apply in this passage of Scripture? ____________________


III. The Women (vs. 55-56)

a. Where were the women that followed Jesus as Joseph was preparing Jesus body? ______________________________________________________________________________________

b. Having seen where Jesus was buried how do they spend the remainder of their afternoon? ______________________________________________________________________________________


IV. Application: Joseph and Nicodemus may have secretly been disciples but declared publicly by their actions.

Can people see that we are disciples by our actions? __________________________________________________



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