Jesus Heals on The Sabbath - Luke 13:10-17 * Thurs. 4-19-18


Luke 13:10-17


  1. While Teaching in the Synagogue (vs. 10-12)

a. Jesus was a noted Rabbi and routinely taught in the synagogues. What did he observe while He taught? ______________________________________________________________________________________

b. What was the nature of her malady? _______________________________________________________

c. How long had she suffered? _____________________________________________________________

d. When Jesus had called her to Himself what did He say to her? __________________________________



  1. Trouble with the Ruler of the Synagogue (vs. 13-14)
  1. At what point was the woman healed? __________________________________________________   
  1.  What was the woman’s response to being healed? ________________________________________

c. In contrast what was the ruler of the synagogue’s response? _____________________________________

d. Why did he have a problem with what Jesus did for the woman? _________________________________

e. Why does the ruler address the crowd? ______________________________________________________



  1. Adversaries put to Shame (vs. 15-17)

a. Who then does Jesus address, the crowd or the ruler and why? ______________________________________

b. What does Jesus the ruler of the synagogue? ____________________________________________________

c. What example of “work” does Jesus cite that they had no problem justifying doing on the Sabbath? __________________________________________________________________________________________

d. Was Jesus saying it was wrong to water the livestock on the Sabbath? __________________________________________________________________________________________

e. Was the duration of the infirmity a point of compassion for Jesus? ___________________________________

f. For those who were adversaries of Jesus, His message, and His works what did this interaction achieve? __________________________________________________________________________________________

g. For those who simply appreciated the goodness of Christ what was the response? __________________________________________________________________________________________

Application:  Is there ever a “bad” time to do good? __________________________________________________________


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