Jesus Gets Specific with the Pharisees ~ Luke 16:14-18 (11-1-2018)

Jesus Gets Specific with the Pharisees
Luke 16: 14-18

I.    The Pharisees (vs. 14)
a. Looking back at Luke 15:1-2 and the parables that Jesus told immediately

after and now looking at 16:14 who does it seem the parables were primarily

for? ___________________________________________________________ 
b. What characteristic of the Pharisees is revealed? _____________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. What was the Pharisees response to Jesus and His parables? _______ _________________________________________________________

II.    God Knows Your Hearts (vs. 15-17)
a.    What does Jesus mean by “you who justify yourselves before men?” ______________________________________________________
b.  What do the following verses all have in common? (vs. 15, 
1 Chronicles 28:9, 2 Chronicles 6:30, Psalm 7:9, Proverbs 15:11, Jeremiah 17:10)  ___________________________________________  
c. Do men value the same things that God values? ________________ _________________________________________________________
d. What era was concluded before John the Baptist and what era was begun with him? _________________________________________ 
e. Is Jesus saying that “everyone” is pressing into the kingdom literal or figurative?

____________ Who does not seem to be pressing into the kingdom in this passage?

f. What is the truth Jesus reveals in verse 17? ___________________ _________________________________________________________

III.    God’s Word Stands Forever (vs. 17-18)
a. Does God keep His word? _________________________________________ 
b. Speaking directly to the Pharisees, Jesus has already pointedly called them out

for wrong priorities (money over God), self justification before men (when God

knows them better), and spiritual obstinance toward God and His Gospel

(even trying to hinder others from pressing in).  Why does He now address

divorce? __________________________________ ______________________

c. God hates divorce.  Why does He? ___________________________________
d. Is divorcing an unpardonable sin? ____________________________________ 
What is the only unpardonable sin? ____________________________________

IV.    Application:  Jesus had the most difficulty with the religious elites

(Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, priests, and their lawyers) These argued,

debated, and harshly judged everyone around them.  Are we receiving

Christ like the poor and afflicted (pressing in) or like the Pharisees? ____________ __________________________________________________________________

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