Jesus Defines Greatness ~ Matthew 18:1-14

I.  A Preoccupation with Greatness (vs. 1)

a. What similarity do we find in vs. 1 and Luke 9:46, 22:24-26?

b. Is this an issue that only “saved” people have or can you think of “lost” people in Scripture that were also preoccupied with greatness?

c. How does Jesus view the world’s version of greatness in Mark 10:42-43?

d. What dangers are encountered when pursuing priorities outside God’s design? (1 Timothy 6:9-11) 

II.  A Radical View of Greatness (vs. 2-5)

a. Jesus uses a child as His example in vs. 2-4…what is the first criteria He highlights?

 b. What is the difference in child-like and childish?

c. What characteristic does Jesus highlight in conclusion in verse 4?

III.  A Righteous Warning Against Abuse (vs. 6-14)

a. This passage dealing with “greatness” also warns against abuses toward those who can’t defend themselves.  What warning is presented in vs. 6?

b. “Offenses” in the Greek also means enticements.  What warning is found in verse 7?

c. What warning is found in verse 10He ?

IV.  Application:  How does Jesus demonstrate His definition of greatness by His actions (John 13:1-17)? What must our response be to what Jesus has done for us?

  July 2020  
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