Jesus Comes to Dinner ~ Luke 14:1-14 (5-10-2018)

Luke 14: 1-14

I.    A Man with Dropsy (vs. 1-6)
a. With whom was Jesus invited to eat and do you think it was simply

a hospitable invitation? ______________________________________
b. What clues reveal there more going on here? _________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. Was there anyone surprising at his dinner who may not have been

a common guest at the Pharisees house? __________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
d. What question does Jesus ask and how do the attendees answer? ___
e. What does Jesus do for the man with dropsy and what does he allow

the man to do after? ________________________________________
f. What example does Jesus share that shows the hypocrisy of these

religious leaders? ___________________________________________

II.    Which Seat Will You Take??? (vs. 7-14)
a.    What prompts Jesus to tell the parable about the wedding feast

(vs. 7)? ___________________________________________________   
b.  In this parable Jesus does not just tell the story and allow the hearer

to arrive at his own conclusions…He instructs them through the parable…

what does He instruct them to do? ______________________ __________________________________________________________  
c. Is there practical wisdom in what Jesus instructs? _______________ _________________________________________________________
d. If someone were to practice Jesus advice is there any way one would

come away embarrassed or ashamed? __________________________
e. By ignoring His advice is there any way to be embarrassed or ashamed? ________________________________________________
f. What is the greater spiritual meaning of this parable? _____________
g. Who does Jesus tell his audience they ought to invite to eat and why? _________________________________________________________

III.    Application:  What is the blessing of humbling oneself before God? ___ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________


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