Jerusalem Repents ...for a Little While ~ Jeremiah 34:1-22


Jeremiah 34:1-22


I.You Shall Not Escape (vs. 1-7)

a. Who does this passage state were gathered making war with Jerusalem and its

surrounding cities? __________________________________________________


b. Had anything changed in the message Jeremiah was to pronounce to Zedekiah? ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

c. What in Jeremiah’s message would reveal to Zedekiah that the Lord was truly the

One declaring this destruction?  __________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 

d. Is there anything surprising in the message for Zedekiah considering his present

rebellion? ___________________________________________________________


e. What was left of Zedekiah’s kingdom at this time? ________________________



  1. They Changed Their Minds (vs. 8-16)

a. Whether the proclamation was in response to Jeremiah’s previous

message of grace to Zedekiah is not known but what was the proclamation

of liberty? ____________________________________________________


b. Did the people who made the covenant release their Jewish slaves? _


c. What happened after they let their Jewish slaves go free? __________ _________________________________________________________

d. God reminds the people that He made a covenant with them when He set

them free from Egypt…how did they behave after they were set free? ________________________________________________________

e. Whose example were they following in forcing their former slaves back

into bondage? _________________________________________


  1. Behold, I Proclaim ‘Liberty’… (vs. 17-22)

a. The symbolic actions of the covenant (Genesis 15:10-17) meant to show

the seriousness of the covenant and everyone who would pass between the

parts of the divided carcass were agreeing to be bound by it.   Did God mean

for them to obey? _____________________________ __________________


b. Because they transgressed the covenant what would God do? ______


Application:  When we promise to do something is it important to follow through? ________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

  January 2020