Jeremiah's Crisis ~ Jeremiah 20:1-18


I.  Pashur (vs. 1-6)

a. Who was Pashur?

b. What message of Jeremiah was he responding to?

            c. What did he do to Jeremiah and why?

            d. Was Pashur effective in silencing Jeremiah?

            e. For his persecution of Jeremiah what would Pashur endure?

II. I Will Not Make Mention of Him… (vs. 7-10)

a. How does Jeremiah state the Lord got him to prophesy?

b. What is the people’s response to Jeremiah’s preaching every day?

c. What extreme measure did Jeremiah attempt to remove himself from being a laughing stock and was it effective?

d. In what way did the people want to prevail against Jeremiah (and really against God)?

III. They Will not Prosper (vs. 11-18)

a. What tremendous word of encouragement is vs. 11 in contrast to the discouragement presented in vs. 7-9?

b. What will become of the mockers, persecutors, and idolaters?

c. What one request does Jeremiah ask of the Lord?

d. Jeremiah still depressed wishes one thing…what was it?

IV. Application:  Is it discouraging when you have told people spiritual truth and they reject it without a second thought?   How do you stay positive when it seems no one will listen to your witness?
How is verse 11 a tremendous reminder to us that we are not alone?


  February 2020