Jeremiah Buys A Field ~ Jeremiah 32:1-25



I.Jeremiah the prisoner (vs. 1-5)

a. Where was Jeremiah at the writing of this chapter? ______________

b. Who had him imprisoned and for what reason?

c. What was happening in and around Judah at this writing?

d. What can we determine from this passage and 2 Chronicles 36:11-12?  

II.Buy A field in Anathoth (vs. 6-15)

a. What did the Lord instruct Jeremiah to do?

b. How specific was the Lord in detailing how this transaction would come together?

c. Jeremiah is the kinsman redeemer in this transaction…what does that mean?

d. What purpose does the kinsman redeemer serve? (Leviticus25:24, Ruth 4:6)

e. Did Jeremiah do what the Lord instructed?

f. What indication was given that while important it would be a while before this deed of sale would matter?

III.Why did I just buy a field??? (vs. 16-25)

a. Jeremiah did obey but was he completely on board with the purchase?

b. From Jeremiah’s perspective why was this a nonsensical purchase?

c. From God’s perspective why was this purchase necessary?

d. What was this purchase to symbolically show Judah?

IV.Application:  The Old Testament prophets were often instructed to do things that they did not fully understand yet did them anyway.  From our vantage point in history we see the symbolic meaning.  How was this really an example of 2 Corinthians 5:7 and are we to do the same?


  February 2020