It's Time ~ Luke 1:26-38

I.  The Messiah’s Birth Announced (vs. 26-33)

a. What do Daniel 9:20-25, Luke 1:5-13, and 26-37 have in common?

b. With the passage of time (483 years) what does this announcement reveal about God?  

c. What do the following Scriptures prophesy concerning the Messiah? Isaiah 9:7?  Isaiah 7:14? Daniel 9:25?  Micah 5:2?  Zechariah 9:9?  Zechariah 12:10? Isaiah 53:5? Psalm 16:10, 49:15?

II. The Mystery Revealed (vs. 34)

a. Gabriel told Mary she would have a baby.  What was her response?

b. What would set this Child apart from all others? (32, 35)

c. What had been shrouded in mystery for thousands of years was now revealed.  How does John 1:14 explain this?     

III. Miracles are Happening  (vs. 35-38)

a. What miracles would surround the incarnation of the Messiah?

b. Why does Gabriel tell Mary about Elizabeth?

c. What reassurance is verse 37 to Mary?

d. What reassurance should verse 37 be to us?

IV. Application:  From our vantage point in history and observed through the eyes of faith and belief we celebrate the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  What are we also mindful of about Jesus that makes us even more grateful?

  July 2020