Israel In God's Court ~ Jeremiah 2:1-13

I.  I Remember You (vs. 1-3)

a. To whom does the Lord send Jeremiah to declare this prophecy?

b. How does the Lord remember in her younger days?

c. What relationship does the Lord cite existed between Him and Israel?

d. What is meant by the phrase, “Israel was holiness to the Lord?”

e. What would the Lord do to anyone who “messed” with His bride? (vs. 3)

II.  What Injustice…? (vs. 4-8)

a. The tone shifts in vs. 4.  What brought about this change?

b. What reason does the Lord inquire about what injustice the people found in Him? 

c. Who changed…God or Israel?

d. How did Israel change and when did it start (Numbers 25:1-3)?

e. Who is named in God’s charges of idolatry and rejecting Him?

III. I Will Yet Bring Charges (vs. 9-13)

a. Who will the Lord bring charges against?

b. Whose fault is it that the Lord’s judgment will affect the children of these current idolaters?

c. What astonishing evidence does the Lord offer that not even the pagan nations had done yet Israel had?

d. Explain the contrast offered in verse 11 between “their Glory” and “what does not profit?”

e. What two evils had the people committed?

IV. Application:  Why is it unwise to demand our day in court with God?  How would that go? (Job 40:1-7)

  February 2020