Is There Anyone Who Executes Judgement... ~ Jeremiah 5:1-31

I.  They Swear Falsely (vs. 1-13)

a. Were any in Jerusalem doing right or seeking truth?

b. Even those using the “spiritual lingo” were found to be merely going through the motions.  Was God pleased?

c. For all God’s discipline what positive results were yielded in God’s people?

d. Was it just the poor and uninformed that were guilty before God?

e. What kinds of things were they doing?

II.  I Will Bring a Nation Against You (vs. 14-17)

a. These false prophets (vs. 12-13) together with those who follow them would be like wood…in what way?

b. How does the Lord describe Babylon as the nation He is bringing against Israel?

c. How are the actions of the Babylonians in verse 17 like the consequences of sin and those it affects?         

III. You Shall Serve Aliens (Foreigners)  (vs. 18-31)

a. Although Babylon will devastate Judah…what will they not do?

b. How is the “golden rule” being exemplified in verse 19?

c. God reminds Judah (Israel) of Who He is…would they get it?

d. For all their iniquity (vs. 7-9, 23, 26-28, 30-31) what is the Lord’s rhetorical question (vs. 29)?

IV. Application:  Chapter 5 repeats again the indictment against Israel for their iniquity and even when corrected their rebellious hearts.  To this point has God wavered in His evaluation of Israel’s spiritual condition or His continuous appeal for Israel to repent?  What attribute of God is on display that He continues and does not just destroy them once and for all?  Is He the same with us for the same reasons?

  February 2020