Is It Lawful to Pay Taxes to Caesar? (Luke 20:19-26) 02/28/19

                                  Is It Lawful to Pay Taxes to Caesar?

Luke 20:19-26

          I. The Set-up (vs. 19-21)

          a. Why did the chief priests and scribes not just lay hands on Jesus and fulfill their

          vengeance toward Him? ____________________________________________


b. Because they could not legally kill Jesus and they were afraid to put hands on

Him because of the people…by what route do they determine to stop Him? _________________________________________________________________


c. What I the significance of the phrase, “deliver Him to the power and the authority

of the governor?” ___________________________________________________


d. What is verse 21 really all about? ____________________________________


II. The ‘Perfect’ Trap (vs. 22-23)

a. Do these that are trying to trap Jesus in His words think they have created an

inescapable conundrum? _____________________________________________


b. What is their test? _________________________________________________

c. Why do you think the ‘testers’ thought they had Jesus painted in a corner with

their question? ______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

d. Was Jesus ever duped by their fake praise (vs. 21)? _______________________


           III. Foiled Again… (vs. 24-26)

  *The Roman senate by vote declared Caesar deity and thus any tax paid to Caesar

   was considered worship of a false god. The challenge though was that to not pay

   the tax was against the law and punishable by Rome.

   a. Why does Jesus ask them to show Him a denarius? ______________________


           b. If Jesus had answered it was not lawful to pay the tax of what would these men

           have accused? ______________________________________________________


           c. If Jesus said it was lawful of what would they accuse? ______________________


   d. Was the plot successful? ____________________________________________

            IV. Application: How does Romans 13:7 settle the issue of taxes for God’s people?



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