INTODUCTION TO JONAH Jonah 1:1-17 (10/21/2018)

                                 INTRODUCTION TO JONAH
Jonah 1:1-17

*Jonah was likely written about 800 – 750 BC. during the reign of Jeroboam II in Isreal
And Uzziah’s reign in Judah.

a. How did Jonah get his mission instructions? _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________
 b. What was it Jonah was to do and why? ____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 
c. Nineveh was a leading city of Assyria a brutal enemy of Israel.  Why would Jonah be

reluctant to preach there? _________________________________________________
d. How does Jonah respond to God’s call to go to Nineveh? ______________________


II.    A MIGHTY TEMPEST (vs. 4-9)
a. How did God express his displeasure with Jonah? ___________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 
b. How serious was the tempest and how do you know? ________________________ ______________________________________________________________________
c. Where was Jonah while this was going on? _________________________________ ________________________________________________________ d. Why would Jonah

force the mariners to cast lots before he confessed? ______________________________

_______________  _________________________________________________________ 
e. Does Jonah’s confession seem odd considering where he was and what he was

attempting to do? __________________________________________________________

III.    A GREAT FISH (vs. 10-17)
a. Did Jonah know what would calm the tempest? ________________________________ 
b. Why would he make the men throw him in instead of him just jumping in? _________________________________________________________________________ 
c. Did the men want to throw Jonah overboard? _________________________________ 
d. What precaution did the men take prior to tossing Jonah over? ____________________
e. What did the Lord have waiting for Jonah? ____________________________________

IV.    APPLICATION: Is it wise to run from the Lord? ____________________________ ________________________________________________________ Can God bring good out

of our being humbled? _________________________________________________________


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