In The Dungeon ~ Jeremiah 38:1-28

Jeremiah 38:1-28

I.    The Princes Want Jeremiah Dead (vs. 1-6) 

a. The individuals listed in verse 1…were they pro Jeremiah? ________
b. What was the consistent message preached by Jeremiah? __________ _________________________________________________________
c. What did the princes want done with Jeremiah and why? _________ _________________________________________________________  
d. What did Zedekiah authorize the princes to do and what did they do? 
II.    Ebed-Melech Intervenes for Jeremiah (vs. 7-13)

a. Who was Ebed-Melech? (in Hebrew it means servant of the king) __________________________________________________________

b. What information did Ebed-Melech take to Zedekiah? ____________ __________________________________________________________
c. What was his fear for Jeremiah? ______________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. What did Zedekiah command concerning Jeremiah? _____________ ________________________________________________________
e. Although lifted from the miry pit (dungeon) where was Jeremiah confined? __________________________________________________________

III.    Zedekiah Sends for Jeremiah (vs. 14-28)

a. Jeremiah having narrowly escaped a slimy death of exposure and starvation

why would Zedekiah send for him? ______________________________ __________________________________________________________
b. What message does Jeremiah share? __________________________ ____________________________________________________
c. Who did Zedekiah fear and Who should he have feared? __________ __________________________________________________________
d. The princes acted just as Zedekiah predicted but because they didn’t know

the conversation stopped talking to Jeremiah…why? ________________

IV.    Application:  What happens when people are more afraid of people

than they are of God / His Word? __________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


   September 2019