If You Have Faith ~ Matthew 17:14-21


I.  Christ is the Source of Our Faith (vs. 14-16)

a.  What need did the man express?

b.  Had the man sought help before?

c.  Why specifically did he seek out Jesus and what evidence can you find that he knew who He was?

d.  In a parallel passage in Mark 9:14-29, what can we determine about the man’s faith?

e. Where does Romans 12:3 and Hebrews 12:2 tell us our faith comes from?

II.  Christ is the Focus of Our Faith (Vs. 15-20)

               a.  What about this exchange would indicate the man’s faith focus was Christ?

               b.  What does a person with a Christ centered faith believe about


              c.  Where do we find what and why we believe Jesus?

              d.  In focusing our faith in Christ is it important to also believe that Jesus will

               respond to the needs of His people? 

III.  Christ Responds to Us on the Basis of Our Faith (vs. 20-21)

            a.  Given the multiple accounts of this miraculous deliverance how

            does Jesus respond to the man’s faith?

            b.  What does Jesus have to say about the faith of His disciples?

            c.  The hardship brought on by the demonic possession with all its

            challenges and the miraculous deliverance …what effect would this

            have had on the man’s faith ? 

            d.  Was Jesus hindered from delivering the boy by the man’s shaky

            faith ?

IV.  Application:   What will it take to develop and mature our faith so that we become steadfast in our love, obedience, and trust of Christ? 

  July 2020  
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