I Spoke What I Did Not Understand - Job 42:1-17 * Wed. 6-20-18


Job 42:1-17


I. Job Answered the Lord (vs. 1-6)

a. What does Job acknowledge about God in verse 2? _____________


b. Job quotes the Lord from Job 38:2. Does Job’s response indicate he knew God was right? _______________________________________ _________________________________________________________

c. How does Job assess his discourse with God up to this point? _____ _________________________________________________________

d. What is Job’s final statement and what is profound about what he says? ____________________________________________________



II. The Lord Speaks to Eliphaz and His Friends (vs. 7-9)

a. Did God need to speak to Eliphaz and his friends? _____________ ________________________________________________________

b. What was God’s assessment of what Eliphaz and his friends said?


c. What does the Lord tell these men to do? ____________________ ________________________________________________________

what symbolic meaning would this carry? ______________________

d. Why does God accept their sacrifice? _______________________



III. God Restores Job (vs. 10-17)

a. What was the turning point for Job from suffering to restoration? _ ________________________________________________________

b. Does God restoring materially to Job his possessions prove the friends “retribution theology” was right? ______________________


c. How are Job’s final days described in comparison with his first? ___ _________________________________________________________

d. What did Job do that broke with Jewish tradition in verse 15? ____


e. In contrast to the despairing days when Job felt death imminent…how long does he live? ____________________________


IV. Application: When we move past just hearing about God to knowing Him as our Savior and Lord how does this change our view of God and our view of ourselves? ______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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