I Shall See God - Job 19:1-29 * Wed. 11-22-17


Job 19:1-29


I.      How Long… (vs. 1-12) 

a. In response to Bildad Job answers.  What similarity do we see between Bildad (Job 18:2) and vs. 2? _________________________

b. Job declares that his friends have not been a comfort…what have they been? ________________________________________________

c. Has anything Bildad and the others stated against Job moved him at all to acknowledge his iniquity? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. Job states his friends have wronged him. In verse 6 the NKJV states that “God has wronged me” the better understanding of this is that “God has overthrown me.” In the context of the rest of the verse overwhelmed and rendered powerless is also implied.  In this sense can anyone fight against God? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

e. Job comprehends that his earthly friends have turned against him but what in verse 11 seems to cause him even more anguish? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



II.     I Am Forsaken (vs. 13-22)

a. Who does Job say has turned their backs on him and forgotten him?  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ b. The personal despair Added to this was the ever-present physical distress.  Has any of this subsided with the passing of time? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. Verse 21 records possibly the most pitiful words spoken by Job out of his deep anguish…How fragile does he describe his escape from death?



III.   My Redeemer Lives… (vs. 23-29)

a. Through the dross of suffering that clouds and obscures Job’s genuine faith we are struck by a blinding flash of the purified faith residing inside.  In verses 23-24 what does Job say he wants? ______________________________________________________________


b. What is the message that matters to Job that he wants preserved forever? ____________________________________________________


c.  Is faith destroyed by testing? ________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. What is Job’s understanding of a resurrection / afterlife as revealed in these verses? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

e. For all Job’s former wrestling with things he did not know, how does he come across with his statement of faith here? (unsure or confident) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

IV.  Application:   We will not like it but why must our faith be tested? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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