I Ordained You A Prophet ~ Jeremiah 1:1-19

* Jeremiah = (Heb) meaning is uncertain with some suggesting 1)Yahweh hurls 2)Yahweh sets free or 3)Yahweh loosens the womb…this last seems most likely.  Time of his prophesy was 626 – 586 BC a period which spanned seven kings of Judah (Manassah 696BC – Zedekiah 586BC.  The book of Jeremiah is complicated by a lack of chronology.

I. Introduction to Jeremiah (vs. 1-3)

a. What do we know about where Jeremiah is from? (Joshua 21:13, 18) (1 Kings 2:26)

b. What do we know about his family?

c. Who was serving as king of Judah when the Lord called Jeremiah to prophesy?

d. When does verse 3 indicate his ministry would end?

II. The Call of Jeremiah (vs. 4-9)

a. In what way did Jeremiah receive his message?

b. What is significant about Jeremiah’s calling?

c. What leads you to believe Jeremiah was a reluctant prophet?

d. Does the Lord accept Jeremiah’s excuse?

e. How does the Lord encourage Jeremiah?

III.  Jeremiah’s Prophetic Ministry (vs. 10-19)

a. What would Jeremiah’s ministry entail?

b. What two prophetic visions are given in vs. 11 - 13?

c. How does the Lord explain the visions?

d. What does the Lord have against Judah?

e. What reassurance does the Lord give Jeremiah?

IV. Application:  How does Jeremiah’s call help you be open to God’s plan for your life?

  July 2020  
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