I Have Kept His Way - Job 23:1-17 * Wed. 12-20-17


Job 23:1-17                    (Job responds to Eliphaz)


I.      I Would Present My Case Before Him… (vs. 1-7) 


a. Has Job’s suffering diminished with time? _________________________________________________________________________

b. What is Job asking for in verses 3-6? ______________________________________________________________________________

c. In verse 5 Job states his desire to know what God would say to him.  Do we have a desire to know what God                  would say to us? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. In verse 6 Job makes a statement of faith that shows what he believes about God. What is his statement and                         is he right? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________


II.     I Have Kept His Way (vs. 8-12)


a. What is Job’s lament in verses 8-9? ____________________________________________________________________________________            b. What does Job know from verses 9-10? _______________________________________________________________________________

c. How do verses 11-12 declare Job’s heart toward God and answer his “friends” accusations of wickedness? ___________


d. Reconcile verse 5 and verse 12…in one he wishes to hear God’s word and the other he declares he has kept and      treasured God’s word? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


III.   I Am Terrified at His Presence (vs. 13-17)


a. What characteristics does Job declare about God in verses 13-14? ______________________________________________________


b. Is Job’s response to God’s presence a ‘healthy’ response that shows understanding and recognition of God’s holiness? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________(See Rev 1:13-17)

c. What does it seem Job can’t seem to comprehend in verse 17? __________________________________________________________


IV.  Application:   Do we comprehend the absolute Holiness of God and what will be our actual response to being in His presence? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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