I Have Forsaken My House... ~ Jeremiah 12:1-17

I.  Why do the Wicked Prosper (vs. 1-4)

a. Jeremiah struggles with reconciling what he sees much like King David had in Psalm 73:1-18…What is it?

b. Is Jeremiah being presumptuous in speaking to God about His judgments?

c. What does Jeremiah mean that, “You are near in their mouth but far from their mind?”

d. Why does Jeremiah remind God that He knows him?

e. What does Jeremiah request and why?

II. …The Dearly Beloved of My Soul… (vs. 5-13)

a. In verses 5-6 what point is God making with Jeremiah?

b. Drawing on the scheme revealed in Ch. 11:18-23 God reminds Jeremiah he must not trust his brethren (from Anathoth). Why?

c. What do verses 7-13 reveal about the heart of God toward Israel?

d. What relationship is described in verse 8?

e. What is the picture in verse 9 and how does it relate to Israel?

f. Where doe God lay a lot of the blame for Israel’s waywardness?

III. I Will Return and Bring Them Back (vs. 14-17)

a. In these verses who is being plucked out and who is promised restoration?

b. Is there an opportunity for the Gentile nations to learn the Lord’s way through the coming exile?

c. What is promised to the nations that will not learn the Lord’s way?

IV. Application:  Even before the exile comes to pass the promise of restoration is declared.  What does this reveal God’s purpose…wrath or discipline?

  July 2020  
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