I Am With You ~ Jeremiah 30:1-24


I.Write in a book… (vs. 1-9)

a. What and why was Jeremiah to “write it all down in a book?”

b. What message of hope and assurance is now spoken and how is this contrasted with most of the message to this point?

           c. How does the Lord describe the present state of His people in exile? 

           d. The Lord points to a future travail that will be harder still and refers to it as “the time of Jacob’s trouble”  when will 

              this likely be?   

*The Lord promises deliverance from Babylon and also from this future tribulation!

II.I will not make a complete end of you (vs. 10-15)

a. What reason does Israel have to expect deliverance?

b. Even if the Lord destroys ever other nation what does He promise Israel?

c. Like the loving Father He is, what does God remind His people He will do to them / for them?

d. What was the reason for Israel’s punishment?

III.You shall be My people (vs. 16-24)

a. How would God reverse the roles as it concerns His people and the nations that have oppressed her?

b. How will God show His love, mercy, and grace to His people?  

c. This chapter concludes with another distant look at the consummation of all things.  In that day God’s fierce anger will not be quenched until what?

IV.Application:  We can look at our problems and think it can’t get worse than this …but it can.  By the Lord’s grace we have not been appointed to wrath but to those who reject Christ what is their end?


  July 2020  
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