Humility Before God ~ Luke 18:9-17 (12-27-2018)

Humility Before God
Luke 18:9-17

I.    So…Two Men Go Up to the Temple…  (vs. 9-13)
a. What is the given purpose of this parable Jesus tells? ____________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. Who are the cast of characters in the parable? __________________ ________________________________________________________ 
c. What are some similarities and what are some differences between the

two men? ________________________ ________________________
d. Is there any significance to the phrase, “The Pharisee stood and prayed

thus with himself?” ____________________________________
e. What is the biggest difference in the two men’s prayers? __________ __________________________________________________________ 

II.    Righteous in Whose Eye??? (vs. 11-14)
a. Does the Pharisee ask anything of God? _______________________ 
b. What does the tax collector seek from God? ____________________ 
c. By general outward appearance within their own culture which exuded

the aura of righteousness? ___________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. Which of these men’s prayers does Jesus indicate was acceptable to

God and why? ______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
e. Who then was righteous between the two men? ________________ _______________________________________________(Rom. 3:10)
f. Is Jesus teaching in verse 14 consistent with the rest of Scripture? ___

____________ ( Prov. 3:34, Mt. 18:4, 23:12, James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5)

III.    Let the Little Children Come… (vs. 15-17)
a. Why were people bringing their children to Jesus? ______________ ________________________________________________________
b. What action did the disciples deem appropriate in response to people

bringing their children to Jesus? _____________________________
c. What is Jesus teaching His followers in His action and this passage

of Scripture? ________________________________________________
d. Is there a difference between childish and child-like? ____________

which is esteemed in this passage? _____________________________

IV.    Application: Pride is exposed and opposed in this passage. Do we

have to be on guard against pride in our own lives masquerading as

righteousness? ______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________



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