His Face Was Set For Jerusalem - Luke 9:37-56 * Thurs. 9-28-17

His Face Was Set For Jerusalem

Luke 9:37-56


I.      His Time is Growing Short (vs. 37-45)

a. When Jesus returns from the mountain the multitude awaits…who cries out for Jesus’ attention and what is the need? ___________________________________________________________________________

b. This is likely the same event written about in Mt. 17:14-21.  Why could the disciples not cast the demon out? ________________________________________________________________________________

c. How does Jesus statement in verse 41 lead into His declaration in the end of verse 43? __________________


d. Verse 45 states the disciples did not understand this statement because it was “hidden from them.”  Is this the first time He has told them what was to happen to Him? (see Lk 9:22) _______________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

II. Which of Us is the Greatest? (vs. 46-50)

a. In light of their recent failure (unable to cast out the demon) how does verse 46 show that they were regular men? ___________________________________________________________________________


b. How does Jesus respond to the disciples’ dispute about greatness? ______________________________


c. What is the point Jesus is making with the child example? _____________________________________


d. How radically different was Jesus’ definition of greatness than what was commonly understood? _______________________________________________________________________________


e. The disciples forbade a man from casting out demons in Jesus name…why would they do this? ________________________________________________________________________________

f. What does Jesus say about the man who was casting out demons in His name? ________________________________________________________________________________


III.   His Face Was Set for Jerusalem (vs. 51-56)

a.    What “time” is referenced in verse 51? ___________________________________________________

b. When Jesus steadfastly sets His face to go to Jerusalem how do we know He knew why He must? ________________________________________________________________________________

c. How do James and John respond to the Samaritan’s rebuff? ____________________________________


d. What does Jesus say? _______________________________________________________________


IV.  He Application:  How different is the Christian life to be compared to non-Christian life? ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

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