Hands, Knees, and Feet ~ Hebrews 12:1-15

Hebrews 12:1-15

I.    Looking Unto Jesus  (vs. 1-3)
a. Considering Hebrews ch. 11 who are the cloud of witnesses? ______ 
b. Who is to lay aside the burdens and sins? _____________________ _________________________________________________________
c. What is the point of “laying aside the burdens and sins?” _________
d. Vs. 2 states we are to look unto Jesus …this is obviously for the

example that He provided but is there more to it than that? _________
e. When we consider what Jesus endured what should we be inspired to do? ___________________________________________________

II.    The Chastening of a Loving Father (vs. 4-11)
a. Verse 4 states “you have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin”

…whose bloodshed is he speaking of someone else or our own? ___ _________________________________________________________ 
b. The Greek word for chastening here is better understood as discipline.  

What differentiates discipline from punishment? ___________________ __________________________________________________________ 
c. Does God chasten (discipline) those who are not His children? _____
d. What is the intended outcome of God’s chastening? ______________

III.    Lest Anyone Fall Short of the Grace of God (vs. 12-15)
a.   Symbolically what do hands typically represent in Scripture and what

is the point about the hands hanging down? _______________________
b. What are knees typically symbolic of in Scripture and what is intended

by the “feeble” description? __________________________________ _________________________________________________________
c. What are feet typically symbolic of and what would be intended by making

straight paths? _______________________________________ __________________________________________________________
d. When we are serving, praying, and going with purpose our focus is on Christ.  

What obstacles must we guard against so that we truly love God, love His people,

and walk in His grace? _________________________ ______________________


Application:  Are my hands, knees, and feet surrendered to the Lord’s will or

still under my control?  ____________________________________________

  July 2020