Going a little farther- Matthew 5:38-48

I.   An Uncommon Response (vs. 38-39)

a. While not dismissing a fair and just response to a wrong, what response does Jesus advocate and why?

b. Is verse 39 an easy verse to implement in a person’s life?

c. How is Romans 12:17-21 an excellent summary of what Jesus is prescribing here? 

II. A Selfless Response (vs. 40-42)

a. What does Jesus instruct us to do in verse 40?

b. What is the intended outcome of voluntarily going beyond what is demanded?

c. If it is “natural” for man to want to take what he needs what is it when God’s people selflessly give what’s needed beyond what is demanded or asked?

III. A Compassionate Response (vs. 43-48)

a. The Jewish Rabbis added to Leviticus 19:18 and taught it as the word of God…What did they add?

b. How does Jesus command in verse 39 completely counter the Rabbis teaching?

c. Is God requiring more of us than He is willing to do?

d. How does Matthew 26:47-50 demonstrate Jesus practiced what He preached?

e. There are two ways to remove an enemy what are they? Which is advocated in this passage?


IV. Application:  Jesus is not prescribing that God’s people just lay down and let evil run rampant and unchecked.  He is telling us that we are to purposefully overcome evil with good.  Is this easy?


  July 2020  
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