God's promise to Baruch Jeremiah 45: 1-5


               Jeremiah 45:1-5

     I.          A personal Message (vs. 1-3)

a.      Remembering the context of Baruch the scribe tasked with                                                                                              writing on a scroll (X2) all that the Lord spoke to Jeremiah for                                                                                                  Judah / Jerusalem …was Baruch obedient to do what was asked? ____________________________________________________                                                                                                b.     Was the Lord only interested in the “important” people or did                                                                                                He also have a message for individuals? ____________________


 c.   Does the Lord know what we think and care what we say?___


        d.  What does the Lord recite from the lips of Baruch? __________


        e.  Is there any difference in what Baruch was saying and what  

     Jeremiah was feeling? _____________________________________

        f.   What burdened Jeremiah more what the nation was experiencing

      or what he personally was experiencing?  ______________________


        g.   What was Baruch more concerned with the nation or himself?


       II.         This Is Bigger Than You Baruch  (vs. 4-5)

a.      Does God relent in His chastening of Judah because it will

adversely affect Baruch? __________________________________


b.       What was Baruch wanting/expecting based on verse 5? ____                 


c.      Does the Lord rebuke Baruch for his attitude? _____________       


d.      Is the Lord uncaring for Baruch? ________________________

e.      What promise does the Lord make to Baruch for his obedience

in participating in a difficult ministry? _________________________


f.        How is this promise comparable to the promises made to Zedekiah                                                                                       if he would surrender to Nebuchadnezzar (Jer 38:17-18) and Ebed-Melech                                                                               the Ethiopian eumuch that interceded for Jeremiah (Jer 39:16-18)? ____ 


III.    Applications:  Does bring one of God's people spare us from all adversity

             when God is disciplining a nation? ____________________________________


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