God's Plan or My Plan ~ Matthew 16:21-23

I.   God’s Part of God’s Plan (vs. 21)

a. What does Jesus reveal to His disciples in verse 21?

b. Why does He use the word “must” in this verse?

c. How does what Jesus states here reveal God’s plan for our salvation?

d. In God’s plan Who carries the burden of this plan?

II.  God’s Plan for Me

a. What was Peter’s response to what Jesus told them?

b. What would have been the result if Jesus had not completed His mission?

c. What was Jesus rebuke to Peter?

d. Were Peter’s motives malicious or was he just speaking without understanding?

III.  When I Choose My Plan for Me

a. Although spoken in ignorance what would Peter’s plan have yielded for his life?

b. Do we receive salvation on our plan or God’s?

c. If I follow my own plan what pitfalls can I expect?

d. What does the decision to choose my plan over God’s plan reveal about who I think should have control of my life?

e. How does Luke 9:23 put all this into proper perspective?

IV.  Application:  When I realize I have come to a dead end because my plan does not work what must I do?

  July 2020  
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