God's Plan ~ Daniel 9:1-27

I. God Hears Daniel (vs. 18-23)

a. What prompts Daniel to pray a prayer of confession in this chapter?

b. What specific petition does Daniel appeal to God to do in vs. 18-19?

c. How do we know God heard Daniel’s prayer?

d. At what point in Daniel’s prayer was Gabriel dispatched?

II. God Answers Daniel (vs. 18-23)

a. Which of Daniel’s appeals (18-19) are answered and how?

b. How does Gabriel’s message relate to his study in vs. 1-3?

c. How is Daniel’s appeal for God to act (vs. 19) answered ‘personally’ by God?       

III. God Explains to Daniel  (vs. 24-27)

a. Vs. 24 is given as an synoptic overview of the rest of Israel’s history.  What elements does God list as important?

b. Vs. 25 starts the clock with a sign…what sign?

c. When the 7 weeks (sevens of years = 49) + 62 weeks (sevens of years = 434) totaling 483 years was complete what should Israel expect?

d. What should have seemed surprising to Israel about the coming Messiah?

e. What other action is predicted that occurred in 70AD?

f. The last week (seven years) will begin with another sign…what is it?

g. What prophetic event is being described in vs. 27?

IV. Application:  What proof do we have that God was true to His Word in this passage?  What evidence do we have that Daniel did in fact understand and believe? (Mt. 2:1-12)

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