God Restores A Broken Family ~ Genesis 45:1-27



I.Love and respect for his father (vs. 1-3, 9, 13)

a. What was the first thing Joseph asks when he revealed his identity to his brothers?

b. What would be a primary reason Joseph would ask about him first (see also Gen. 37:3-4

           c. What would it communicate to Jacob when the brothers would report “thus says your son Joseph?”  

           d. What else were the brothers to report to Jacob?



II. Love and concern for Benjamin (vs. 12, 14)

a. What is the significance of Joseph’s reference to “behold your eyes and the eyes of Benjamin” and “see that it is my mouth that speaks?”

b. Why would Joseph have had a special connection with Benjamin (Gen 35:16-18, 24

c. Joseph was 17 when he was sent to his brothers in the field and was sold by them.  Benjamin was younger than Joseph…do you think he was complicit in Joseph’s betrayal?


III.Love and understanding for his other brothers (vs. 4-15)

a. Although wronged by his brothers what does Joseph invite them to do in verse 4?

b. How do we know Joseph did not hold a grudge about what his brothers had done?

c. Who did Joseph state made sure the things happened as they did and for what purpose?


IV.Application:  Are we always able to see and understand the events that happen in life that shape who we are and what    we will do?

Why must we remember that all things must meet the approval of God and know and believe that even the “bad things” have a purpose beyond what we can see and that God will use it (and us) for His good will?


  July 2020  
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