God Answers Job Part 3 ~ Job 40:1-24

Job 40:1-24             

I.    Behold, I am Vile…  (vs. 1-5)  
a. In demanding his day in God’s court with Whom has Job “contended?”

b. In declaring his innocence and that his present suffering was not retribution

for wrongdoing had Job gone too far? ______________________________

c. In response to God’s words what was Job’s immediate response? ______ _____________________________________________________________ 
d. Is there any argument a person has with God that he can win? _________ _____________________________________________________________

II.    I Will Question You, You Shall Answer Me… (vs. 6-24)
a. God repeats Himself in verse 7 from Job 38:3. What can we conclude about

anyone called to God’s court? __________________ ____________________

b. Can any of God’s judgments be annulled or condemned? ________ _______________________________________________________ 
c. When does God state a man can adorn himself with glory, execute true justice,

and save himself (vs. 9-14)?  ______________________
d. God asks Job about the “behemoth.” What do we know of this creature? ________________________________________________ 
e. Verse 19 has been interpreted to mean best or can carry the understanding of

most impressive.  Compared to the strength of man how does this beast compare?

f. While many have offered ideas as to the identity of this creature from a hippopotamus,

elephant, or even a dinosaur.  Would this creature have been known to Job? __________

g. Regardless of what this creature faced what was its disposition? (vs.23)  ___________________________________________________________________


III.    Application:  If we are unable to rule over the beasts of the field and have them

yield to us but do yield to their creator Who is irrefutably in charge? _________________ _________________________________________________________________________
Does it seem harsh to you that God subjects Job to a second round of questioning?  ________

Why does He do it? _____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  July 2020  
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