God Answers Job - Part 4 - Job 41:1-34 * Wed. June 13, 2018


Job 41:1-34


I. Leviathan… (vs. 1-34)


a. If the “behemoth” were not enough now we have another equally mystifying creature. What do we know of this beast? _____________


b. In the line of questioning that God presents to Job about ‘could you do this to leviathan’…what is the already known answer? __________ _________________________________________________________

c. Does leviathan plead for his life? ___________________________

d. What is the point of verse 8? _______________________________ ________________________________________________________

e. According to God who is fierce enough to rile up leviathan? _____


f. What unusual capabilities does leviathan exhibit? (vs. 19-21) ____ ________________________________________________________


g. What weapons were effective against a leviathan? _____________ ________________________________________________________

h. What do you think the leviathan was? _______________________


i. Does God present leviathan as a mythological creature or as one which Job had knowledge? __________________________________

j. In the description about leviathan’s strength, fierceness, destructive force, and man’s inability to tame, subdue, or in any way vanquish a leviathan, what I God’s point of questioning Job about behemoth and leviathan? ______________________________________________



II. Application: God asked Job about two creatures that were powerful enough to view man as a non-threat and shrug off his best attempts to vanquish him as inconsequential. Again, what is God teaching Job about God and about Job? ___________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do we also need this lesson at times in our own life? ______________




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