God Answers Job - Job 38:1-41 * Wed. 5-2-18


Job 38:1-41             


  1. Where Were You…  (vs. 1-4) 

a. From where does Job hear God’s voice? ________________________________________________________________


b. Verse 2 asks “who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”  In the abundance of counselors or Job’s own thoughts has God been fully and accurately expressed? ___________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. In God’s courtroom who asks the questions and who answers? _______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. Is there any possible way Job is not completely undone by even God’s first question? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

e. In Job chs. 1-2 God’s covenant name Yahweh is used but in chs. 3-37 El Shaddai (God the Almighty) is used.  In the closing chapters it shifts back to Yahweh.  Does this bode good or ill for Job? _____________________________________


               2. God of Creation (vs. 4-41)

a. The questions God puts to Job are rhetorical and clearly only God knows the when, how and why.  Why does God   establish for Job Who He is this way? _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. Verse 10, “I fixed My limit for it”…generally speaking what do we call this?____________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. God describes some things of the ‘depths’ that we are only now with extreme difficulty trying to observe in the natural world…is t possible for us to comprehend the spiritual? _______________________________________________________


d. God describes the constellations (already named) and asks if Job can bind (arrange) them…the truth is they are so impossibly far apart all we can do is look at them and guess / hypothesize about them.  What constellation is described in verse 32? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

e. What in general terms do we call the “ordinances over the earth?” (vs. 33) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

f. Who ensures the animals have provision to survive? ________________________________________________________

g. Have you ever considered the animals cry to God? (vs. 41) __________________________________________________



  1. Application:  In all this what is God making Job to understand? ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________


  July 2020