Go to Egypt or Not? ~ Jeremiah 42:1-22

Jeremiah 42:1-22

I.    The Petition (vs. 1-6) 
a. Who was involved in asking Jeremiah to petition the Lord? ________ __________________________________________________________
b. What did they generally want to know? _______________________ _________________________________________________________
c. Was Jeremiah agreeable to ask on their behalf? _________________ _________________________________________________________  
d. Regardless of the direction what did the people promise they would do? _____________________________________________________ 
II.    The Lord Promises Blessings If They Stay (vs. 7-12)
a. How long did they wait for the Lord’s response? _______________ 
b. What did the Lord Exhort them to do? ________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. If they would trust the Lord and stay what did He promise He would

do for them? _____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. Does God address their fear of Nebuchadnezzar?  _________ How? ________________________________________________________
e. What personal promise does He offer as the guarantee? (vs. 11-12) _ _________________________________________________________

III.    The Lord Promises Judgment If They Go (vs. 13-22)
a. How would God view their flight to Egypt? ___________________ _________________________________________________________
b. In contrast to what He promised if they stayed in Judah what would

they see if they go to Egypt? _________________________________ _________________________________________________________
c. Has the Lord changed any of the judgment pronounced against those

who would not surrender to His will and accept His chastening

(ie. Babylon’s occupation) and attempted to flee? _____________________ __________________________________________________________
d. Based on vs. 19-22 and Jeremiah 41:17 do you think the people had

already made up their mind as to what they were going to do? _______ __________________________________________________________ 

IV.    Application:  In witnessing to people is it sufficient to just tell them

how wonderful heaven is or do they also need to hear the truth of how

awful hell is? ________________________________ For many will it even

make a difference…if they have already made up their minds? ___________


  February 2020