Giving Is A Big Part Of Thanksgiving - 2 Corinthians 8:1-7

I.  Begins With God (vs. 1)

a. Who initiated the giving that effected real change in the Macedonian church?

b. What had the Macedonian church done to merit this grace?

c. How did this grace transform the Macedonian believers? (Eph 4:28)

II.  Grows Out of a Willing Heart (vs. 2-4)

a. What made the churches of Macedonia special? 

b. Were the churches of Macedonia wealthy churches?

c. How does Paul describe the Macedonia churches giving?

d. For what was the financial gift to be used? Acts 11:27-30)

III.  Multiplied by Example (vs. 5-7)

a. Was the Macedonian’s giving merely financial?

b. In chapter 7 Paul implored the Corinthians to open their hearts to him.  What connection do you see with the end of verse 5?

c. In what does Paul state that the Corinthians abounded?

d. Was there anything that the Corinthians still needed to work on?

IV. Application:  When we have received from the Lord and consider the great cost born by our Lord to give…how should this knowledge shape our own willingness to give and share?  What does it mean when we receive with joy but close up our hearts and refuse to give or share? (See 1 John 3:16-23)

  July 2020