From Caesarea to Malta ~ Acts 2:1-44 (12-3-17)

Acts 27:1-44            

I.    The Voyage Begins (vs. 1-12)

a.    Who decided it was time to send Paul to Rome? __________________
b. Paul and the other prisoners were delivered to Julius a Roman centurion.

 Who else is traveling with Paul? _________________________________ ____________________________________________________________    
c.  How severely is Paul kept? ___________________________________ 
d. By what route (port cities) is Paul taken? ________________________ ____________________________________________________________
e. What happens while they are at Fair Havens? _____________________
f. Who does the centurion listen to and what is the plan? ______________
g. Why did they really not want to stay in Fair Havens? _______________

II.    A Warning Ignored  (vs. 13-38)

a.  What prompts the departure from Fair Havens? __________________ 
b.     How long does the good weather last? _________________________ 
c.     By day and activity how desperate was the situation on this vessel? __ _____________________________________________________________

d.     How bold is Paul in verse 21? _________________________________
e.    What was Paul’s message in verses 21-26? _______________________ ___________________________________________________________
f.    In verse 24 what does the phrase “God has granted you all who sail

with you” infer? __________________________________________________
g.    Paul stated he believed God what actions of faith demonstrate he really

did believe God? (vs. 30-31 & 34-35) ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________

III.    Shipwrecked on Malta  (vs. 39-44)

a.     Why do the soldiers not kill the prisoners? ______________________ ___________________________________________________________
b.     How does everyone get to shore? ______________________________
c.     How many survive the shipwreck? _____________________________

IV. Application:  When we believe God does it show in the things we do? __________________________________________________________

  October 2019