Filled With The Holy Spirit ~ Acts 2:1-13

I.  The Holy Spirit Comes (vs. 1-4)

a. Based on Acts 1:13-14, where were the disciples and what were they doing?

b. What supernatural characteristics are described in vs. 2?

c. Does it indicate that the house was filled with wind or the sound of a mighty wind?

d. How was the Holy Spirit’s presence manifested?

e. Who present was filled with the Holy Spirit?

f. Who determined what was being spoken by those filled with the Holy Spirit?

II. A Disturbance in Jerusalem (vs. 5-13)

a. Was there any way to keep this event quiet?

b. What happened when those in Jerusalem heard the sound?

c. What was so amazing about the true miracle taking place in Jerusalem that day?

d. Why do you think there were so many people in Jerusalem from so many different places? (see vs. 1, Deuteronomy 16:1-15)

e. What was the response of most who heard what was going on?   

III. God’s Wonderful Works (vs. 11-13)

a. What were the people hearing?

b. Did they comprehend immediately what the significance of this was?

c. What was the only disparaging remark recorded to explain this

supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit?

IV. Application:  The Holy Spirit is God and God is Sovereign and does what He chooses to do.  In what ways can we determine if something out of the ordinary is the work of the Holy Spirit or simply man presuming and pretending, or a demonic manifestation?  (1 John 4:1-3)

   August 2019