February 2018 Newsletter






Dear Church Family,


              I have been very encouraged recently as brothers and sisters in the church have stepped up and began serving and still others have   indicated they are ready to!  I praise God that He moves His people to do what needs to be done and grows His church and each of us in the    process.  Through it all keep the important things the important things…keep sharing your faith and the message of the Gospel.  Remember   salvation is only found in Christ and everyone needs to hear.  It happens one person at a time when we are available and looking for the           opportunity. 

              We are only a couple months away from beginning Phase III of our building.  The Education Wing will complete our facility and expand our discipleship and education space.  There are work teams that have agreed to come and help us from Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  We will need everyone to be involved this summer as we build, minister to our working guests, send out our youth mission team, and continue to carry on with the ongoing ministries at FLBC. 


Pray, give, and serve for His glory.


This should be a very exciting and busy summer!   


1 John 4:7  Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God…


Pastor Tom


















































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