Exalting Christ and Encouraging Believers ~ Hebrews 10:19-25


I.Draw Nearer to God  (vs. 19-22)

a. How is it that we can draw near to God with boldness when in the Old Testament it was done with fear and     trembling? (Col. 2:13-14)

            b. Reconcile vs 19 and 20 and the statements “by the blood of Jesus” and “a new and living way?”  (Rom 5:10)

            c. “A true heart” is one that is real and sincere.  Why is it not enough to just imitate, pretend, or go through the 


           d. How are the elements of devotion, faith, and obedience portrayed in verse 22?

II.Hold Tighter to Christ (vs. 23)

a. The idea of a confession, philosophy, or creed is common but how do we know that this “confession of our hope” is speaking of something far more tangible than a creed?

b. In the context of verse 23 why is “not wavering” a required element?

c. How does “He who has promised is faithful” relate back to “the confession of our hope?”


III.Stand Closer with the Body (vs. 24-25)

           a.   What is this passage telling us in the phrase “let us consider one another?”

b. Do believers have the capacity to stir up either positive or negative things?

c. What are believers exhorted to stir up?

d. As we perceive the Lord’s return approaching what are we to exhort one another to do?


Application:  Our relationship with Jesus Christ is meant to be lived out in community with other believers.  As Americans we are very individualistic but as Christians we are each part of the Body of Christ and members one with another.  Which is of greatest importance?

  July 2020  
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