Everyone Fails...Except Jesus - John 18:12-27 * Wed. 6-14-17


John 18:12-27


         I.  Strike One (vs. 12-17)


a. Jesus ‘trial’ was begun with whom? ___________________________________________

b. Where is Peter while Jesus is being questioned? __________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

c. Was Peter close to Jesus while all this was taking place? _____________________________                         d. What happened when Peter was asked if he was also one of Jesus disciples? _______________



II.  Strike Two (vs. 18-25)


a. Jesus basically states His doctrines should not be a mystery to anyone.  Why? ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

b. While this is going on where is Peter now? ____________________ _________________________________________________________

c. Was Peter standing out in the crowd or blending in? _____________ _________________________________________________________

d. What happened when Peter was asked about his being Jesus disciple? _________________________________________________  


III.  Strike Three (vs. 26-27)

    a. Was Peter recognized and positively identified by a reliable source to be a disciple of Jesus? ______________

    By whom? __________________________________________________________

            b. When questioned about being a disciple what did Peter do? ______________________


            c. Why do you think Peter denied the Lord? ___________________________________


            d. When do you think Jesus words telling Peter he would deny Him

            three times came back to Peter’s mind? ______________________________________



IV.  Application:   How do we know that Peter denying the Lord was not an unpardonable sin?   (see Luke 22:31-34) ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________      In what ways are we prone to the same kind of failure in our lives and how does the Lord respond to us when we return?  ___________________________________________________________________________


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