Everyone Deals Falsely ~ Jeremiah 6:1-30

I.  Prepare War against Her (vs. 1-9)

a. Chapter 6 continues the same warning…what is it?

b. Verses 4-5 shift to a different perspective…whose?

c. Is this simply a matter of Judah / Jerusalem being in the wrong place at the wrong time or is something very intentional going on?

d. How will Jerusalem be taken?

e. What doe verse 8 mean…”Be instructed, O Jerusalem?”

II. To Whom Shall I Speak and Give Warning (vs. 10-20)

a. Why were the people not listening to God / His (true) prophets?

b. Who does the passage state stood in harm’s way through this judgment?  and who was responsible?

c. What does it mean, “they have also healed the hurt of My people slightly…?”

d. What remedy to their present plight does the Lord offer?

e. What does He state will not be accepted?           

III. The Lord has Rejected Them  (vs. 21-30)

a. How are the Babylonians characterized in vs. 22-23?

b. How does verse 25 summarize the emotional state of the people?

c. Jeremiah uses the image of a refiner at work…what does the refiner do in this case?

d. What is the problem with Go’s people (vs. 28)?

IV. Application:  What happens when the Lord corrects us as sons but we refuse to accept the correction then harden our hearts and grieve God’s heart with our sin?

  July 2020  
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