Eliphaz: Job Your Being Foolish - Job 15:1-35 * Wed. 10-25-17


Job 15:1-35


I.      Your Mouth Condemns You (vs. 1-13) 

a. Eliphaz once again chastens Job this time for his defense. With what does Eliphaz equate Job’s defense? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. In Eliphaz’ opinion is Job relating rightly to God in his suffering? (vs. 3-4) _________________________________

c. Eliphaz accuses Job of speaking falsehood, and being crafty in his speech.  Where does Eliphaz indicate                                    these things originate in Job? _____________________________________________________________________________

d. Does Eliphaz assume that he along with the aged speak God’s wisdom and Job does not? _______________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

e. What does Eliphaz accuse Job of in verse 12-13? ________________________________________________________



II.     The Wicked Man Writhes in Pain All His Days (vs. 14-26)

a. Compare verses 14-16 with Psalm 8:3-9. At first glance they may appear similar, but do they leave you                                      with the same sense? ________________________________________________________________________________________

b. Job had observed in ch. 12:6 that it seems the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer on this earth…in apparent                      answer to that claim how does Eliphaz respond to Job? _________________________________________________________


c. Does Eliphaz see any chance that the righteous could suffer or that the wicked could seem to prosper? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. What are some of the ways Eliphaz describes the suffering of the wicked? _____________________________________



III.   He Will Not Be Rich… (vs. 27-35)

a. How does Eliphaz pass off the wicked’s “fatness” as a mere illusion and of no benefit? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. The most basic point in Eliphaz argument is the thought that the wicked “will not be rich.” In his suffering do you                                think that is what is on Job’s mind ________________________________________________________________________________

c.  Is there any doubt in Eliphaz mind that Job is wicked? __________________________________________________________

d. Are any of Eliphaz’ words comforting to Job? ____________________________________________________________________


IV.  Application:   Why might Eliphaz feel justified in talking to Job as he is? _______________________________________________


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