Elihu Finishes His Speech - Job 37:1-24 * Wed. 4-25-18


Job 37:1-24              


  1. God Revealed Through Nature (vs. 1-12) 

a. How does Elihu poetically describe God’s power and voice? __________________________________________


b. Have ever experienced a large thunderstorm? _________________________ Were you reminded of God’s power? ______________________________________________________________________________________________

c. What other elements of weather, the seasons, and the creatures does Elihu point out that describe His majesty and wisdom? ______________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. He Causes It (vs. 13--18)

a. Elihu correctly ascribes the phenomena of weather to God, “He causes it.”  What reasons for “causing” it does Elihu cite? _______________________________________________________________________________________________

b. Elihu tells Job to stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.  Has Job already himself spoken of the wondrous works of God? _____________________________________________________________________________ (see Job 12)

c. Elihu further reminds Job that God is God and Job is not in verses 15-18.  Does any of this speak comfort to Job? _________________________________________________________________________________________________



  1. Teach Us (Job)… (vs. 19-24)

a. Is Elihu being serious in asking Job to teach him what he should say to God or is he again being sarcastic? ________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. Does Elihu seem to be saying that a man cannot speak to God in verse 19b-20? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________

C.  If one cannot look on the sun in its brightness, how could he presume to look upon God? _________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. Is Elihu correct in verse 23 when he states, “as for the Almighty, we cannot find Him?” _________________________________________________________________________________________________

e. What is Elihu saying about Job with the phrase “wise of heart” in verse 24? _________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Application:  When we observe creation and ponder our Creator it is right to give Him praise and worship Him.  This concludes the comments of the three friends and Elihu.  In each case they counseled Job as if they were more knowledgeable and presumed to tell him what to do.  What should we learn from this? _________________________ _________________________________________________________


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