elihu Answers Job Part 3 - Job 35:1-16 * Wed. 4-4-18


Job 35:1-16         “Elihu Condemns Self-Righteousness”       


I.      Do You Think this is Right? (vs. 1-3) 

a. Elihu now appears to quote Job, “My righteousness is more than God’s.”  Has Job stated this at any time? _______________________

b. Elihu then quotes Job ch.21where Job laments that the wicked seem to prosper and the righteous suffer. Is Job in observing these things as he wrestles with his suffering impugning God’s righteousness? _________________________________________________________________


c. To respond from what we have studied in Job thus far is there “profit” from doing right and does God care when we do wrong? ___ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


II.     I Will Answer You… (vs. 4-8)

a. Who does Elihu address beginning in verse 4? __________________________________________________________________________________________

b. Is Elihu right in stating that if we sin we can do nothing against God? _________________________________________________________________

c. Elihu also states that when we do right we don’t really give God anything. Is he right in what he is stating? __________________________


_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (consider Job 1:8, 2:3)

d. Elihu states that a man’s wickedness affects him, and his righteousness affects those who are close to him.  Is what he states true? _________________________________________________ Is it the whole truth? _______________________________________________________________________


III.   Job Opens His Mouth in Vain… (vs. 9-16)

a. In verse 9 Elihu portrays those who suffer crying out to God for help but in verse 10 accuses them of not really seeking God and His wisdom.  Is what Elihu states generally true of some people? ________________ Is it true of all people? _______________________________________

b. Elihu states we have a higher nature than the other creatures and because of this should trust God and seek Him and just sing through the pain.  While this sounds good…Is Elihu suffering while enlightening Job with this wisdom? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. In his suffering Job has worked through and grown in his faith and understanding of God.  Have his words been unheeded and counted vain by God? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


IV.  Application:  Why can we not rely on our emotions for discerning truth and why must we never answer from emotion when trying to instruct someone in the truth? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________


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