Elihu Ansers Job's Friends ~ Job 32:1-22 (3-7-2018)

Job 32:1-22                     

I.    His Wrath was Aroused… (vs. 1-5)  
a. What do we know of Elihu? _______________________________  ________________________________________________________
b. Against whom was his wrath aroused? _______________________ ________________________________________________________
c. What did Elihu take issue with Job? _________________________ ________________________________________________________ 
d. What was Elihu’s issue with Job’s friends? ___________________ _________________________________________________________
e. Why has he no spoken until now? ___________________________
II.    Great Men are not Always Wise… (vs. 6-9)
a. Having waited his turn to answer Job has Elihu found any real wisdom

from Job’s friends? ________________________________ 
b. Is what Elihu speaks in verse 8-9 true? ______________________ ________________________________________________________
c. Can God use young men to speak His wisdom? _______________ _

_____________________________(see 1 Sam 3:10-19, 1 Tim 4:12)

III.    Listen to Me… (vs. 10-22)
a. Was Elihu concerned that none of the older men “convinced” Job? _________________________________________________________
b. By Elihu’s observation were these men even able to form a valid response

to Job? ___________________________________________ 
c. Does Elihu use the three other men’s words against Job? __________

Who does he use them against? ________________________________ 
d. Job has put the three friends to silence but according to Elihu should

that be the case? ___________________________________________
e. How does Elihu describe how he feels in waiting to speak? _______ _________________________________________________________
Is this description similar to Jeremiah 20:9? _____________________
f. Is Elihu seeking favor by flattery in what he is about to share? _____
g. Who does it seem Elihu is most concerned with pleasing? _________

IV.    Application:  Elihu has waited and now begins a rebuttal of most

of what he has heard. Is it easy to patiently listen to things we do not

agree with? ______________________________________________ Is it

easy to speak out and offer the truth even when it will be taken as a rebuke

to those who may not like what we have to say? ____________________ ____________________________________________________________
What cautions must we take into account? _________________________


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