Don't Worry ~ Matthew 6:19-34

Matthew 6:19-34

I.   What Do You Treasure? (vs. 19-24) 
a. What kinds of treasures are we exhorted to NOT “lay up” and why? __ 
b. Where are we to “lay up” treasures, what kind, and how do we do this? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 
c. What is the point of verse 21? ________________________________
d. How does the eye being the “lamp of the body” relate to the treasure

passage the precedes it? __________________________________
e. To complete the idea about treasuring right or wrong things Jesus states

we can’t serve two masters…How does this explain the exhortation? ______


II.  Don’t Worry!  (vs. 25-30)
a. What things are we to not worry about? ________________________
 b. What examples does Jesus use to validate His point that we don’t need 
to worry? _________________________________________________
c. Verse 27 asks a question about the merits or effectiveness of worry.  Is it

effective? ________________________________________ 
d. God meets needs in not only practical ways but in glorious ways too.  
How does the example of Solomon vs. lilies make this clear? ________
III.  Overcoming Worry (vs. 31-34)
a. Is God oblivious to our genuine needs? _______________________ 
b. In a dramatic shift that redirects our attention away from self to God we

are told to seek first the kingdom of God.  Why? ________________ _________________________________________________________ 
c. Does any of this passage indicate life will be easy, trouble free, or painless?

____________ What does it tell us? ___________________

IV.  Application:  Worry can be a difficult obstacle to overcome.  What active

refocusing is needed in order to overcome worry and when we do what does

God do with our faith? ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________



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