Doctrine: The Holy Scriptures ~ 2 Timothy 3:1-17

I.  The Need for Sound Doctrine (vs. 1-9, 13)

a. How does this warning of perilous times affect Timothy and the church?

b. What does he warn would make the times perilous?

c. What do we read in verses 5-8, 13 that is particularly troubling?

d. What comforting word do we read in verse 9 and by what means are these manifest?

II.  The Source of Sound Doctrine (vs. 10-16)

a. What aspects of Paul’s life does he remind Timothy he has followed?

b. In verse 12 we find another Scriptural promise that we can hold on to.  What I that promise?

c. What is significant about the phrase, “…knowing from whom you have learned them” in verse 14?

d. What importance does Paul place on Scripture as a basis for sound doctrine?

e. Which Scriptures should we hold us as of higher importance?

III. The Application of Sound Doctrine (vs. 16-17)

a. What does it literally mean that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God…?

b. In order for us to reap the benefits (is profitable) of Scripture what must we do?

c. What things are listed that all Scripture is profitable for?

d. What is the desired outcome for the man of God when the Word has been thoroughly applied to his life?          

IV.  Application:   What is the danger of forming doctrines apart from the Holy Scriptures?

  July 2020  
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